About us

In parallel with the social responsibilities and continuous need of modern society in environmental friendly products; we have identified energy consumption among the strongest national requirements in the coming years and have therefore founded a new branch in the group called SHOKAT. This is a company founded in 2015 by establishing a new sub-branch in the industrial complexes that we currently deal with. As for HVAC systems, the company has used modern technologies in line with the macro policies of the nation in the field of domestic product and have established a factory with an area of over 8,000m2 in the city of Razan at the province of Hamedan. At the same time, we have started negotiations with industrial companies and groups that benefit from know-how technologies to prepare the means of localized products of such systems. Fortunately, the results have been successful by the contract signed with ‘Seeley’ company of Australia for providing low consumption hermetic space heaters with “A” graded energy efficiency rating at Iran.