Privacy Policy

Shokat, while respecting the privacy of its users, requests some information from them for purchasing, submitting comments or use some of the features of the website to provide reliable and secure services.

Also, the email address and phone numbers that the customers register in their profiles are the only email address and official phones approved by the customer, and all correspondence and company responses are made through them.

Therefore, registering the address, email, landline and mobile phone numbers is confirmed by the customer, and if these items are not correctly entered or completed, Shokat can request additional information from the customer.

Customers can declare someone else’s name, address, and phone number for order delivery, and Shokat will only use this information to send the requested item.

Shokat may also use some of the information to communicate with customers, optimize website content and market research, and send emails or sms to members, including news, special services or promotions.

Kindly please note that the number that Shokat making contact with its users and customers is as below:

Tel: +98-21-88602331 to 3

Shokat may edit comments from users in accordance with the rules of the website.

Also, if a comment or message sent by a user is subject to criminal content, Shokat can use the information recorded for legal prosecution.


If you have any questions, please contact us by the following information:

No.14, Alikhani Blvd, South Shiraz St., Hemmat Highway, Tehran-Iran
Tel: +98-21-88602331 to 3
Fax: +98-21-88602337