Shokat SH19 Smart Heater

Today, gas heaters, as well as other equipment, have been faced with fundamental changes in appearance and structure.

The use of new technologies and new structure has made the new generation of heater, in addition to being safe, to have a much lower consumption than last generation.

In addition to reducing fuel consumption, the concept is a significant reduction in combustion emissions.

Of course, paying attention to the strengths of the new generation of heaters can make the attractiveness of their use more effective.

Below is the list of some of the benefits:

  • Discharging the combustion products to the outside of the building
  • Providing air for combustion from outside the building
  • The cold body technology allows personalization of the look with the decoration of the installation site.
  • Significant reduction in gas consumption
  • Intelligent electronic control system
  • Category A energy consumption
  • Significant reduction of combustion products
  • Annually programmable timer
  • Eco Friendly

Shokat SH19 Specifications:

Specification Detail
Install Location On The Wall (External/Internal – Inbuilt/Console)
Adjusting the Temperature Yes
Programmable Timer Yes
Cold Body Technology Yes
Category Energy consumption A
Width 49.5 cm
Height 90 cm
Depth (inbuilt) 16.7 cm
Depth (console) 26 cm

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