GradeA بخاری کم مصرف هوشمند هرمتیک شوکت بخاری کم مصرف هوشمند هرمتیک شوکت The hermetic, low consumption and smart gas heater Cold-body Cold Body: The cold body technology allows personalization of the look with the decoration of the installation site

Today, gas heaters, as well as other equipment, have been faced with fundamental changes in appearance and structure.
The use of new technologies and new structure has made the new generation of heater, in addition to being safe, to have a much lower consumption than last generation.
In addition to reducing fuel consumption, the concept is a significant reduction in combustion emissions.
Of course, paying attention to the strengths of the new generation of heaters can make the attractiveness of their use more effective.
Below is the list of some of the benefits:

Slide بخاری کم مصرف هوشمند هرمتیک شوکت بخاری کم مصرف هوشمند هرمتیک شوکت SH27 SH13 Specifications Specifications

Providing air for combustion from outside the building

Discharging the combustion products to the outside of the building

Significant reduction in gas consumption

The cold body technology allows personalization of the look with the decoration of the installation site.

Category A energy consumption

Intelligent electronic control system

Annually programmable timer

Significant reduction of combustion products

Iran standard badge

Eco Friendly

Why should we use Shokat heaters?

Optimized energy consumption:

Preservation of natural gas for the future generations is the mission of the present generation. Maximum amount of natural gas of the nation is consumed in the sector of domestic heating. This amount of consumption will reduce to half by enjoying SHOKAT gas space heaters.


Increased efficiency:

By enjoying SHOKAT space heaters, a high thermal efficiency will be achieved and a uniform temperature will be distributed throughout the house (irrespective of remoteness and closeness to the heater).


Safe heating:

These heaters have been designed and manufactured such that under no circumstances they let combustion-generated gases penetrate home environment.

Each year, hundreds of people lose their lives due to inhalation of combustion-generated gases. On the one hand, new generation heaters significantly generate less CO by low consumption of gas and on the other hand, as the result of devising protection and safety sensors, in case of any abnormal event such as any impact to the heater and closure of chimney channel etc., they immediately disconnect gas flow and switch off the heater. Therefore, the probability of safety risk of consumers due to malfunctioning of heater and/or human errors will decrease to zero.


Decrease in greenhouse gases generation:

One of the major problems of human society at the present time is the generation of greenhouse gases followed by damage of ozone layer, unconventional heat of the earth, disorder in climatic conditions and threatened lives of living creatures.

By enjoying SHOKAT space heaters, generation of greenhouse gases will decrease to a considerable extent and this significantly contributes in fulfillment of environmental obligations of our country against the international society.


Inhalation of fresh air:

The system of these heaters has been designed such that it sucks the oxygen required for combustion from outside of the house through a doubled wall chimney and under no circumstances it uses the oxygen inside home environment. This helps in keeping the fresh air inside the building.


Safe insulation of environment:

One of the concerns of consumers of gas heaters is the insulation of doors and windows of buildings. Considering the consumption of environment energy by the existing gas heaters, enjoying the doubled wall doors and windows will prevent air circulation and penetration of fresh air into the home environment.

Considering the supply of outdoor oxygen in SHOKAT space heaters, there will be no concern for using doubled wall doors and windows. This in turn is a significant contribution in decrease of energy waste and saving in gas consumption.


Safe touch of heater body:

Despite suitable heating output, the body of these heaters is quite cool and touchable. There is no hot point throughout the body of these heaters. This eliminates the risk any hurt to the family members and especially children as the result of unwanted touch of heater body.



SHOKAT smart space heater is an environment friendly product. Enjoying the modern technology of combustion system, it provides the consumers with increased efficiency and significant decrease of pollutants generated by combustion.

The function of heater and the technology used in it saves in gas consumption up to %50. Combustion is performed more completely and as a result, less pollutants are generated and gas consumption is reduced.

Since it is a smart heater, it stops working and shifts into standby status as soon as the ambient temperature reaches the desired heat.